Guide to Playing at South African Online Casinos

South African Online Casinos Guide

Guide to Playing at South African Online Casinos

While online gambling brands are numerous, and may seem as ubiquitous on the web as advertisements do, the history of online casinos is quite a short one. The first online casino was opened sometime in the mid-nineties, when the internet was starting to become more used and commercialised. When online casinos first went into business, their clientele was mostly limited to gamblers who played in land-based institutions, or to technology enthusiasts, quick to jump on board any new technological offering. These days, however, with the advancement of computers, and the way the internet has become necessary in most of our lives, online gambling brands are a stylish and convenient alternative to gambling at the land-based institutions for millions of players world-wide.

What is an Online Casino?

An online casino is a web-based mechanism that allows for real people to play games of chance in a virtual environment. It is up to you whether to play for real money or not, but the bulk of online gambling play is done with real money. This is due to the fact that to win something, you have to risk something. So for those looking to make actual money off of online casino play, staking real money is a necessity.

Desktop vs. Mobile Casinos Guide

In today’s mobile-ready world, access to the internet is no longer limited to your desktop computer. The advent of smart-phones and tablet computers like the iPad allow us to connect to the web with just as much processing power as from a desktop pc from only a few years ago. What this means for online gamers is that you can now have just as rich an experience playing on your mobile device as you could have playing on your desktop. Luckily, this site is fully responsive, and therefore will work on any mobile device it is accessed on, as well as on any desktop. Not only this, but this site serves up content suited to the device. This means that we will not waste your time with a desktop-only slot if you are on your mobile, but we will instead present you with a mobile game suited to the screen-width of your device. So be sure to bookmark SAOC on all of your devices, and take a look at all the games we have on offer, be it desktop or mobile.

Within desktop casinos, there are two more types of casinos, Download, and No Download (Flash).


These are the majority of online casinos. The requ7rement is that you download a relatively small piece of casino software onto your pc, install it, and then the casino software downloads the games you choose to play. This method is popular because the casino software is tailor made to provide you with the best possible gaming experience and graphics. Something that is not so easy to recreate in your browser, on a no-download casino.


These casinos allow you to access the casino and play the games directly in your browser, by utilising either Flash, or Javascript technology. Some players prefer this method of delivery, because they feel it is less intrusive than the download software. Whilst you do not have to install any software with this method, there are still loading times as the casino accesses the games in it’s database. No-Download Casinos-software still accept real money.

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